What feedback do our customers give?

Good sharpener (heavy=stable)
Works well, simply, without problems, especially for quick regrinding in between. The VULKANUS PROFESSIONAL l is a little heavier and therefore more stable than lighter ones.
Simply sharp... and it works
A superlative sanding tool ... Absolutely amazing, extremely easy to use. I would buy it again at any time and recommend it to friends and acquaintances. Since we have been using a Vulkanus, all our razor blades are sharp and with easy, effortless sharpening .
Super part!
My Vulkanus arrived today. Originally packed and brand new. I then immediately pulled through various old knives according to the instructions. The result... they were sharper than when they were new. Even knives with serrated edges. Now I can also use the professional knives.
Hammer Sharp!
I have a number of very good knives which I had always sharpened with the sharpening steel... My new Vulkanus is simply many times better and fantastic...