Founded as a family business, our company is used to working in a customer-oriented manner. This will also be reinforced by qualitative growth and sustainable product development.

How it all began
Knives and cutting tools have always been common in all cultures and epochs. They embody a symbol of power, are considered art objects and multifunctional tools. It has always been important and often vital to have a knife or weapon with the necessary sharpness.
Over the centuries, the profession of blacksmith and later tool sharpener has become highly valued in society. The subject of knife sharpening is as old as the history of mankind itself and is still relevant today.

Highly sophisticated technology

Easy handling

Sharpness that inspires

"Vulkanus: The explosive sharpness for your knife world.




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Vulkanus products stand for unsurpassed quality and the highest standards. Every single product is characterised by excellent workmanship, precise technology and sustainable materials. The company places great value on quality.

Family business

The Vulkanus family business from Austria is a prime example of traditional craftsmanship paired with state-of-the-art technology. For generations, the family has been passionately dedicated to the production of high-quality kitchen tools.


With over 3 decades in business, Vulkanus is synonymous with competence, reliability and deep expertise in the industry. This experience has enabled them to continuously develop and manufacture outstanding products.