Vulkanus Crown


The Vulkanus Crown sharpener revolutionises knife sharpening. With a strong suction cup for a secure hold on various smooth surfaces, it is easy to attach. The sharpening rods allow for precise sharpening. Made from robust food grade ABS. It is durable and resistant. The compact design enables space-saving storage and transport. With its easy handling, it is suitable for both home users and professionals. The Vulkanus Crown knife sharpener is ideal for honing all knives, especially fish, ham and meat filleting knives and for sharpening serrated blades. Environmentally friendly material and high-quality workmanship stand for sustainability and quality. Experience the performance and precision of the Vulkanus Crown knife sharpener, which has a sharpening angle of 11-22 degrees.°.

Material: pp6 plastic with glass fibre

Weight: 0.24kg


Width: 72mm

Height: 253mm

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